Hi there, Petter here.

Who am I?

I'm a full-time engineer and part time online content creator, designing, building and sharing my ideas about guitars, amps and home audio gear. I'm married to an artist, so I have picked up a point or two about the fuzzy side of design, you know, golden ratio, negative space, and such.

What's the purpose of Audiotinker.com?

The site was created as a source of inspiration for the occasional passer-by, experienced or beginner, to get a taste of the satisfaction of building your own guitar, amp or speakers. Once you get into it, it is hard to stop...and it is a lot of fun!

Who is this site for?

Audiotinker.com was originally hatched with the DIY community in mind, particularly for those who just can't stop fiddling with stuff. My hope is to inspire others to break the bondage of the mainstream gadgets and gear. Next time, rather than buying whatever, consider making it from scrap or from scratch. Trust me, it is a lot more satisfying.

Do we really need more Chinese-made polyester encapsulated 5A quilt maple topped sunburst Les Paul copies? I'd say not. We need Mojo and Personality. Not artificial customization, like today's "relicing" craze, but real personality.

Here we think Retro a la 21st Century and beyond. If I nudge another person to create a new design or a spin on an old one, alter or re-purpose something lifeless, or breath new life into something otherwise worn out, then I've done my job.

What else I do.

I'm a mechanical engineer during the day in my adopted hometown of Richmond VA, where I've spent the last 10+ years designing manufacturing equipment.

5W electric guitar amplifier finishedThis is my second ever completed guitar amp sporting 5W of pure single ended power. Still one of my favorites.

I hope you enjoy the site!


P.S. For comments and suggestions, please use the contact form.

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